Through an integrated and novel strategy in therapeutic and integrated analysis in healthy living, we strengthen our leadership role in Chinese medicine based drug screening, an advancement in smart-drug delivery with high specificity and efficiency on molecular targets of aging-associated diseases.

A perspective from frontier sciences to assimilate therapeutic wisdom of Chinese medicine for disease treatment, prevention, and recovery.



Prof. Chris KC WONG
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science


Prof. Ge ZHANG
School of Chinese Medicine

Core Members

  • Prof. Min LI
    School of Chinese Medicine

  • Prof. Ka-Leung WONG
    Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

  • Dr. Jue SHI
    Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

  • Prof. PC YUEN
    Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science

  • Dr. Man Kong WONG
    Department of History, Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Dr. Timothy KF FUNG
    Department of Communication Studies, School of Communication

  • Dr. Yanping DUAN
    Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Social Sciences


  • An Unrecognized Crosstalk from Skeletal Muscle to Bone: The Role of Skeletal Muscle-derived Exosomal MicroRNAs in Regulating Osteoblastic Bone Formation during Mechanical Unloading-induced Muscle Atrophy
    Principal Investigator: Prof. Ge ZHANG (School of Chinese Medicine)

  • New Drug Discovery for Aging-associated Neurodegenerative Disorders-Parkinson's Disease
    Principal Investigator: Prof. Min LI (School of Chinese Medicine)

  • Specific Differentiation of Dopamine Neurons with Minimal Usage of Growth Factors to Develop Cell Replacement Therapy of Parkinson's Disease
    Principal Investigator: Prof. Ken Kin-Lam YUNG (Department of Biology)

  • Development of a Portable Platform for Rapid Detection of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and de novo discovery of Cancer Biomarkers using Third Generation of DNA Sequencing Coupled with Cloud Computing
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Zhongying ZHAO (Department of Biology)

Job Vacancies

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